Cool Sole™

Heat Resistant Insert


The Cool Sole™ inserts are the only solution for playing on hot turf. The inserts are comprised of proprietary materials that create a barrier between the feet and the extreme temperatures of turf fields. The slim and light design allows for a seamless fit without any change to the feel of the cleat. One size fits all. 


How To Use.


“One of the toughest things about playing in the MLS is playing through the middle of summer. Cool Sole™ allows people to focus on the game and not the footwear in these conditions. A must buy for all serious soccer players.”

- James Sands NYCFC 

"There’s nothing worse than playing soccer on turf during a hot summer day. I can remember the burning sensation. Cool Sole™ will ultimately manage this problem. I believe Cool Sole™ is a great product that will benefit all levels and ages and especially those that play on turf on a daily basis."

- Dylan Nealis Inter Miami CF

“I’ve been in situations where the turf is extremely hot which makes my feet feel like they are melting off. Cool Sole™ is an amazing solution for burrning feet."

- Jordyn Lipkin Stanford Lax

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